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Diabetes Treatment / Diabetes diet plan how to prevent diabetes

Diabetes Treatment / Diabetes diet plan

Diabetes treatment-

Diabetes treatment– Do you think the importance of correct diabetes treatment? There is type 2 diabetes diet plan, but their effect is different on each person.  and diabetes symptoms is also different diabetes symptoms in men, diabetes symptoms in women. U will also know how to prevent diabetes. why People are not recovering well by eating English medicine.81% the adult is suffering from diabetes. People are dying- Heart disease and stroke Approximately 75 percent of people with diabetes will die of heart disease or strike percent of people with diabetes will die of heart disease or stroke, and they are likely to die at a younger age than people who do not have diabetes. Blindness due to diabetic retinopathy. Kidney disease due to diabetic nephropathy.

In India– Diabetic patients: Kerala tops the list of Indian states.most of diabetes patient leading in Kerala and after that Panjab and Tamil nadu in 2nd, 3rd, according to endocrinologists and diabetologists in the state. Diabetes is leading day by day.

diabetes shorten your life? – Diabetes people face an early death, compared to those who do not have diabetes. Although we do not need to be frustrated, there are many ways we can live or we can be right…

What happens if you leave diabetes untreated?

Diabetes can be effectively managed when caught early. If it is not treated at the right time, it can lead to a major disease such as heart disease, kidney disease. After your meal, your body will expel all the sugars from your diet.

avoid the foods in diabetes-

For those who have diabetes, it is most dangerous to use sugar products.

•     Trans Fats

•     White Bread, Pasta and Rice. …

•     Fruit-Flavored Yogurt. …

•     Sweetened Breakfast Cereals. …

•     Flavored Coffee Drinks. …

•     Honey, Agave Nectar and Maple Syrup. …

•     Dried Fruit.

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Diabetes Treatment / Diabetes diet plan

Type 1 symptom-

 Type 1 diabetics are there – With type 1 diabetes, the pancreas can’t produce insulin. This disease is mostly in young people. almost 40,000 people receive a type 1 diagnosis each year in the United States and other countries.

Type 2 symptom-

 People with type 2 diabetes are more at risk of developing restructured lung disease (RLD). According to the IDF report, China, India and the United States top the list for the most cases of diabetes per country; around 24.4 million Americans had the disease in 2013.

Diabetes symptom in men

Diabetes Treatment / Diabetes diet plan
  •  frequent urination.
  • Too much thirsty
  • Drying throat after drinking too much water.
  • Very hungry after eating meals
  • Complaining of weakness and fatigue at all times
  • Having nausea and sometimes vomiting
  • Stiffness in the hands and feet and raging in the body.
  • Blurring with eyes

Diabetes symptom in women

Diabetes Treatment / Diabetes diet plan
  • Tiredness,
  • sudden loss of weight,
  • excessive thirst,
  • fasting of the wound,
  • frequent excess urination,
  • poor health,
  • staining of eyesight and
  • skin diseases

Type 1 diet plan

Type 1 diet plan- type 1 diabetes people should eat low glycemic food by which sugar  gradually increasing. Complex carbohydrate shouldbe part of the food.

  •  wheat flour with bran, pearl millet, whole wheat,multigrain flour, fresh fruit, pulses.
  • Along with this should eat fiber. Fiber control increased the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • Fiber food like-  salad, fiber green vegetables, dried fruits, fruits.
  • Also should Protein food like- low-fat milk, eggs, milk products, chicken, fish.
  • Fat food like- mustard oil, olive oil, rice brown oil.

Type 2 diet plan

u exactly know to eat according to plate method ½ plate with non-starchy veggies, a ¼ plate with protein, a ¼ plate with starch

  • Veggies method- nonstarchy veggies (dark green and deepyellow), spinach, broccoli, cabbage, starchy (corn, potato).
  • Fruit method- fruits 1.5 to 2 cups a day, no added sugar  or sweetness.
  • Grains method- whole grain, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, whole cornmeal, brown and wild rice
  • Dairy 3 cups a day off-course added no sugar and also avoid strawberry and chocolate milk.
  • Oils /fat no more than 7 teaspoons a day.

There are lots of fruit for diabetes. Which do not increase glucose level and this food for diabetes are set good for diabetes –

Diabetes Treatment / Diabetes diet plan

  • Strawberry– one of the fruit for diabetes which makes the natural choice of diabetes. Strawberry contain ingredients called seeds. Which are found a helpful and treating type of diabetes?  Strawberry carbohydrate-rich meal, reducing blood glucose level by breaking down starch meal. Diabetes face eye related problem strawberry contains an antioxidant which prevents eyesight problem.
  • Avocado– this fruit is really beneficial for preventing types of diabetes. Avocado riches monounsaturated fat and according to American diabetes association “ fruit are unsaturated fat reduce the cardiovascular-related complication due to diabetes.
  • Apple- this is one of the healthy fruit for diabetes as they are not to higher fiber contains but also contains natural fiber contains chemical effecting after eating.
  •   Watermelon– the natural sugar present an be easy converts into energy. Watermelon reduces production of free radical which can harm diabetes patient.
  •   Orange– eat oranges? yes, one of the fruit for diabetes. Oranges have a low GI(glycemic index) and Diabetes can one orange per day. This helps to control blood glucose level.
  •   Papaya– this is a hypoglycemic in nature which controls high blood sugar level. It has been found the people eating papaya control over diabetes. And can reduce insulin sort. It is helpful in another way. 
  •  Guava– guava is high fiber contains. Eating guava keeps your blood glucose level study and also provide energy. 
  •  Cherries-cherries is high in potassium and set with antioxidant, cherries boost energy level
  • Dried apricot– fresh apricot is not easily available to anyone that’s why if you eat in a few amounts of dried apricots, will be best because dried apricots give more carbohydrate than fresh fruit.
  •  Grapes are also a good source of vitamin, which helps brains activity and mood.

the fruits eat with skin gives more healthy fiber should not peel off. Glycemic index and Glycemic Load this is the biggest source to choose the food do check your blood sugar with glucometer after having a meal.

how to prevent diabetes-

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